Lump Sum Investment Plan


Got spare funds or just got your bonus?

Multiply your funds into diversified portfolios with our top picks from min. RM10,000

Fixed Deposit + Unit Trust

Convenience in a bundle. Instead of putting RM20,000 in Fixed Deposit only, diversify your funds with Fixed Deposit + Unit Trust,
and increase your potential return with our investment bundle.

Earn 7.88%1 per annum for 3 months when you invest a minimum of RM10,000 in Fixed Deposit and RM10,000 in Unit Trust.


Take home returns when you invest:

Amount to invest:

Breakdown 50/50:
RM10,000 in Fixed Deposit | RM10,000 in Unit Trust

Returns on Fixed Deposit:
1 Month2 |   3 Months
RM149    |   RM197  


Fixed Deposit is eligible for protection by PIDM.




Suit your need and earn higher interest and returns through more sophisticated savings and investment tools.

Unit Trust

Invested in a porfolio of assets managed by professional fund managers.

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1 Special rates on Fixed Deposit are applicable for one cycle only. Upon maturity, placement will be automatically renewed to its respective tenure on the respective prevailing board rate.
2 Returns based on Fixed Deposit returns of 17.88% p.a. for 1 month placement bundled with Unit Trust. For more information, click here.



Member of PIDM.

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